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Program Manager
Accountable to: Program Director

The Program Manager is the first level management/supervisory position. The Program Manager has the primary responsibility for providing leadership, management, regulatory compliance, supervision and program plan implementation to an Adult Foster Care Program. The Program Manager will provide direct care, supervise staff, coordinate meetings, assure quality and licensing standards are met and establish relationships with the teams and function as a liaison between the teams and the agency. They are responsible for being available during emergencies, on holidays and weekends as well as on call rotation

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A. Individual Programming

  • Assist individuals in developing their independent problem solving skills whenever possible
  • Coach individuals with interacting positively with friends, peers, family, the community staff and other professions
  • Document family contact in the general logs
  • Develop leisure activities for the house by assisting with the coordination and transportation of all community activities. Document all community activities in appropriate chart
  • Assist and support all individuals to improve their skills and increase self- sufficiency in all aspects of daily living
  • Consistently implement and document all individual support plans
  • Objectively document all significant activity or incident. Report all serious incidents as directed in the emergency procedures training. Maintain compliance with all required documentation of individual services as required by policy and licensing
  • Complete scheduled progress reports for each client and communicate to team any needed changes to the program plans
  • Maintain and organize program and house files and books
  • Implement individual daily schedules as needed. (i.e. Day programs, or appointments)
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B. Medical

  • Log all individual medical occurrences (illnesses, injuries, and reports of illness) in the individual’s medical logs. Documentation of an illness or monitoring of an injury must be made at least daily until the condition has resolved. Consistently review all medical documentation.
  • Show competence with Medication Administration as required by the policy. Participate in any and all trainings that relate to Medication Administration to remain current in knowledge and licensing requirements for foster care
  • Assure that the procedure for medication administration and documentation is clearly understood and implemented in full compliance with physician prescription, established policy and medication administration procedures
  • Complete all required health related charting as prescribed by the doctor or as requested by the Registered Nurse or Supervisor. (i.e. weight, blood pressure, menses, bowel)
  • Accompany individuals to medical appointments as requested, and transport as needed. A completed medical referral form should be brought for the physician to complete and sign. Ensure all follow-up information from the appointment is documented in medical logs and communicated to the Program Director as needed
  • Adhere to the Medication Administration Error Policy as trained by Supervisor. Provide necessary training to caregivers as needed
  • Complete and record all medical equipment training as instructed by Supervisor
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C. Community Integration /Activities/Socialization

  • Assist individuals in developing, scheduling and participating in leisure and community activities for social integration. Assure all leisure activities are followed through as scheduled
  • Orientates individuals to available community services (shopping, restaurants, recreation, and transportation) by promoting their exposure and independence in the community options
  • Facilitate individual relationships with family and friends as much as possible
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D. Financial

  • Assist individuals in the use of their checking and savings accounts to the degree required and as directed in Individual’s Plan(s)
  • Assist individuals with assigned budgets and handle other financial matters as directed in the Individual’s Plan(s)
  • Assist the individuals in maintaining receipts of purchases and documenting purchases on individual expenditure sheets in compliance with the agency policy and licensing standards
  • Account for household petty cash, providing proper receipts and documentation of the expenditures
  • Maintain program accounts and month end accounting of household petty cash
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E. Staff Supervision

  • Provide leadership and supervision directly and indirectly to the program staff using coaching and mentoring techniques
  • Participates in the application process for potential employees, setting up second interviews as directed by the Hiring and Training Director or supervisor
  • Provide appropriate orientation and on-going training to all program staff, including facilitating monthly staff meetings, completion of training documentation and any additional medical training as needed
  • Trains all new employees with on the job orientation, assuring employees are competent and all training documents are complete prior to scheduling employees for regular shifts
  • Initiates progressive discipline techniques when necessary under the guidance and direction of the supervisor
  • Complete a monthly staff schedule assuring appropriate usage of budgeted hours
  • Implement creative scheduling techniques to alleviate overtime and staff burnout
  • Provide a positive working environment and encourage team building relationships with all staff
  • Assure compliance with worker’s compensation standards, providing continual communication with HR Director
  • Provide employee evaluations as scheduled, to occur at least annually
  • Completes all employee time cards and time card audits as scheduled, submitting totals to supervisor per deadline. Assure completion of all employee information is included on each time card
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F. Program Management

  • Maintain licensing compliance and assist with the licensing review
  • Provide leadership with program planning, and ensure consistent implementation and documentation of all individual programs
  • Assures written plans and reports are completed and turned in as scheduled
  • Assures all program files and binders are current, organized and utilized effectively
  • Provide direct effective and continual communication to all staff and supervisor regarding current needs or changes with client services
  • Schedule and facilitate individual team meetings as required or directed by supervisor
  • Assure proper written documentation is implemented and collected as scheduled
  • Maintains the communication log in an organized and current fashion
  • Facilitate communication and appropriate follow-up with all incidents, accidents and emergencies with proper reporting to supervisor or needed outside agencies
  • Assure all medical needs of the clients are met as directed by the medical team
  • Ensure all clients are receiving medical and dental care a minimum of once a year or as needed
  • Administers and orders medications, completes med sheets at the beginning of the month according to the physician’s orders
  • Assures adequate supply of all medications including PRN and medical supplies are provided
  • Coordinate schedule for in home and community activities
  • Review and respond to all electronic communication from team members, case managers, families and supervisors promptly
  • Assures all agency Policies and Procedures are followed
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G. Household Management

  • Maintains monthly household budget and provides written account reconciliation at month end
  • Appropriately manages financial budget to assure all food and supplies are purchased
  • Assures home is maintained in a clean and sanitary fashion as required by agency and licensing standards
  • Reports needed repairs and maintenance of equipment, property and grounds to supervisor and/or maintenance
  • Completes Quality Assurance Reports and Safety Checklist each month
  • Conducts and/or delegates safety/evacuation drills as scheduled and assures required documentation is completed
  • Direct and assist with coordination of weekly menu to include meeting individual’s dietary restrictions and preferences. Assist with the preparation of meals, providing leadership and direction to all staff as needed
  • Providing the supplies and equipment necessary to enable all employees to meet job expectations
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H. General Duties

  • Maintain knowledge of all program communication
  • Adhere to established policies and procedures contained in the policy book
  • Respond to all emergencies as trained by utilizing life saving measures as appropriate or necessary
  • Safely use and maintain all home appliances and equipment
  • Safely lift and transfer individuals as trained and directed in their Individual Abuse Prevention Plan
  • Professionally, appropriately and accurately communicate to individuals served, outside agencies, and family members
  • Provide and support training for all new employees, assuring competency and adequate monitoring of performance throughout employment
  • Support and manage program staff schedule
  • Provide assistance with shift coverage
  • Oversees maintenance, cleaning and care of company vehicle
  • Maintain program by assuring appropriate food and supplies are available
  • Respond to and provide support to program staff when on-call (emergency cell phone rotation)
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor
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Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Graduate or equivalent (GED)
  • Minimum of 6 months documented experience in a related or similar field
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must have a valid driver’s license & provide proof of current insurance
  • MVR clearance
  • Clearance of Criminal Background study
  • Demands Of The Job

Demands Of The Job
Description of Required Tasks

A Physical Demands Frequency
1 While in the community – walk with individuals 1 to 3 times per week
2 Pushing wheelchair – up to 275lbs Frequently
3 Lift/carry or assist with transfer of individual 6 times per shift
4 Climb stairs Frequently
5 Reaching / handling / fingering required Frequently
6 Stooping / kneeling / crouching required Frequently
7 Shoveling snow (climate demands) Frequently
B Sensory Demands Frequency
1 Clarity of vision Constantly
2 Hearing and speaking Constantly
3 Reading and writing in English Constantly
C Mental Demands Frequency
1 Flexibility in work schedule Frequently
2 Mathematics Occasionally
3 Memory / judgement and social interactions Frequently
4 Professional interactions Frequently
D Working Condition / Environmental Demands Frequency
1 Work with others Constantly
2 Has public contact Frequently
3 Evening and weekend work (shift depends on demand)
4 Extended hours (due to client demand) Occasionally