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Direct Support Professional
Accountable to: Program Manager

The Direct Support Professional position has the primary responsibility of providing assistance with daily living skills, supervision, and program plan implementation and documentation for all individuals.

Requirements and Demands

Below are the duties that are required of all Direct Support Professionals positions with Integrity Living Options

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A. Individual Programming

  • Assist individuals in developing their independent problem solving skills whenever possible
  • Coach individuals with interacting positively with friends, peers, family, professionals and individuals in the community
  • Assist in development of community integration, assist with the coordination, and transportation of all community activities. Document all community and in home activities in appropriate chart
  • Assist and support all individuals to improve their skills and increase self- sufficiency in all aspects of daily living
  • Consistently implement and legibly document all individual and behavioral support plans
  • Objectively and legibly document all significant activity or incidents. Report all serious incidents as directed in the emergency procedures training/protocol
  • Maintain compliance with all required documentation of individual services as required by policy and licensing
  • Assist in maintaining program and house files and books, as requested by management
  • Implement individual daily schedules. (i.e. Day programs, or appointments)
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B. Medical

  • Legibly document all individual medical occurrences (illnesses, injuries, and reports of illness) in the individual’s medical logs. Legible documentation of an illness or monitoring of an injury must be made at least daily until the condition has resolved. Consistently review all medical documentation in individual program books.
  • Successfully complete Medication Administration and Skilled Observation Training and continue to demonstrate competency
  • Adhere to the Medication Administration Error Policy as trained by Supervisor
  • Complete all required health related charting as directed by the doctor or as requested by the LPN or supervisor. (i.e. weight, blood pressure, menses, bowel)
  • Accompany individuals to medical appointments as requested, and transport as assigned by supervisor
  • Complete and provide medical referral form for all individual medical appointments and follow up/document all necessary orders
  • Follow all medical protocol for individuals with medical conditions
  • Complete all medical equipment training as instructed by agency LPN or Supervisor
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C. Financial

  • Assist individuals in the use of their cash, checking and savings accounts as directed in Individual Plans
  • Assist individuals with assigned budgets and handle other financial matters as assigned by the Program Management
  • Assist the individuals in maintaining receipts of purchases and legibly document on the individual expenditure sheets in compliance with agency policy and as directed in the Individual Plans
  • Account for household finances, providing proper receipts, and legible documentation of the expenditures
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D. General Duties

  • Maintain knowledge of all program communication
  • Assist and coordinate with the preparation of meals based on diet restrictions and in accordance with the menu
  • Maintain the homes cleanliness and safety as directed by Program Management (sweeping, mopping, dusting, laundry, entrance/sidewalk winter maintenance)
  • Provide transportation for individuals using personal vehicle or company vehicle as needed and directed by Program Management
  • Conduct safety /evacuation drills as scheduled and complete the documentation required. Utilize drills to train and prepare clients for true emergencies
  • Attend all required training and staff meetings as scheduled. All training is considered mandatory
  • Adhere to established policies and procedures contained in the policy book
  • Report needed house repairs to the Program Management
  • Respond to all emergencies as trained utilizing first aid or life saving measures as appropriate or necessary
  • Safely use and maintain all home appliances and equipment
  • Safely lift and transfer individuals as trained and directed in the Individual Plans
  • Professionally, appropriately and accurately communicate to individuals served, outside agencies, and family members
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Program Management
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E. Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Graduate or equivalent (GED)
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must have a valid driver’s license & provide proof of current insurance
  • Motor vehicle record clearance
  • Clearance of criminal background study