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Program Counselor

JOB SUMMARY: Accountable To: Service Director
The Program Counselor has the primary responsibility for meeting the individual needs of the clients by providing proactive, empowering, and inclusive support. Specific job tasks involve the following duties:
1. If working alone, possess the Client emergency cell phone at all times during scheduled work hours.
2. Continued rapport building with all clients within the program to assist them with empowerment to develop coping strategies and problem-solving suggestions.
3. Assist Clients in developing their independent problem-solving skills whenever possible.
4. Guide Clients in interacting positively with friends, peers, family, the community, staff and other professionals, as well as other individuals with whom the client comes in contact.
5. Accurately and thoroughly document all client contact, day-to-day Client progress and Client activity (i.e. events, problems, triggers, goals & accomplishments, etc.) in Daily Progress Note Log and Client Daily Check-in Tracker.
6. Record all data requested on the appropriate program charts, graphs and/or comment forms.
7. Ongoing insight and leadership to empower Clients to improve their skills and increase self-sufficiency and success in all aspects of daily living.
8. Consistently implement and understand the intended function of all Client specific programs and/or plans scheduled during hours worked.
9. Provide the Senior Director/Service Director with feedback on the success and suitability of programs being implemented.
10. Get clarification from Service Director on program implementation and purpose when needed.
11. Demonstrate accurate, effective and efficient computer skills in all Windows based programs (Word and Excel documents) for client documentation purposes.
12. Illustrate effective written and oral communication during all work shifts.
13. Log all Client medical occurrences (illness, injury etc.) as directed in the Daily Progress Notes and Staff Communication Log.
14. When directed and/or requested by management, submit scheduled Client(s) progress reports.
15. Upon hire and at minimum revisions may occur and staff will be required to read each Client’s ISP/IAPP including all related attachments in Client specific binder to be informed of changes or pertinent information to facilitate Program Counselor duties.
16. Assure comprehension perception of any client specific medical/health/safety/behavior protocols and implement them as written.
17. Continually maintain Client binders with the most up to date information present.
18. Perform other program duties as assigned by the Senior Director/Service Director.

1. Orient Clients to available community services (transportation, food shelf etc.) And promote their independent use of these services to the greatest extent possible.
2. Assist in locating client appropriate social/recreational groups and events in the community and inform the Senior Director/Service Director of the availability of these resources.
3. Involve and promote client active participation in community organizations, clubs, and various volunteer opportunities thereby enhancing community inclusion and client identity.
4. Facilitate and promote Client relationships with natural and paid supports as much as possible.
5. Independently locate available resources during scheduled work hours for client specific needs/concerns. Promote the Client’s independent use of these resources to the greatest extent possible.

1. Answer all incoming phone calls or text messages from the emergency cell phone upon receipt. If staff is unavailable at the time a phone call or text message arrives, staff will contact the client within a 10-minute time frame to ensure all client needs are met.
2. Competently, handle emergencies as they arise, confer with Senior Director/Service Director as needed, and use judgment to determine whether to call 911. Report emergency and/or results to the Senior Director/Service Director and request additional assistance as needed. Dispatch to the scene of the emergency when needed.
3. In the event of a client emergency, staff must actively empathize and listen to the client’s concerns to gather appropriate information and assist with independent, informed decision making.
4. Competently complete client incident reports as needed. Accurately identify and understand when an incident report is required during a client crisis.
5. Accurately document any reports of client hospitalizations immediately with admission date/discharge date and report to the Service Director.

D. General Duties
1. Read the communication log and the Daily Progress Notes at the start of each shift and use it daily to convey information to other staff and the Service Director on each shift in a positive, respectful and professional manner.
2. When asked by Senior Director/Service Director, complete any assigned Case Manager Contacts by the 5th day of the following month. This is a monthly requirement and is mandatory.
3. Complete all communication in Daily Tracker and on Daily Progress Notes before the end of every shift. Exception when there is an administrative or client emergency.
4. Assure that all assigned Clients have completed necessary morning/daily/evening phone and physical check-ins. Thoroughly document such data on the checklists and charts provided. Any changes/cancellations to client’s phone or physical check-ins must be reported to Service Director.
5. Attend all required staff meetings as scheduled and document all training promptly in the training log.
6. Perform all job duties in accordance with the established policies and procedures contained in the employee handbook.
7. Report needed repairs of the physical environment to the Senior Director/Service Director. As requested, contact apartment maintenance during scheduled work shift.
8. Display good use of time management skills during work hours, to ensure all assigned tasks are completed.
9. Communicate accurate information regarding any incidents and/or client updates to the on-coming shift with co-workers, and Service Director.
10. Accurately follow all protocols in which the program has implemented in order to secure our clients health and well-being
11. Take the initiative to locate resources for the client when they are not readily available.

1. 18 years of age or older.
2. High School Diploma or equivalent preferred
3. Minimum of 1 year documented experience in a related or similar field preferred.
4. Must have a valid driver’s license & provide proof of current insurance on an on-going basis.
5. MVR clearance
6. Clearance of Criminal Background study

Description of Task Requiring Physical Demands
A. Physical Demands Frequency
1. Pushing wheelchair ~ up to 200 lbs. Occasional
2. Assist with transfers of clients Occasional
3. Behavioral incidents / physical intervention Occasional
B. Mental Demands
1. Flexibility in work schedule Frequently
2. Mathematics / budgets Frequently
3. Memory, judgment, and social interactions Frequently
4. Professional interactions/ strong verbal skills, written skills Frequently
5. Juggling multiple tasks at once Frequently
C. Working Condition / Environmental Demands
1. Travel Constant
2. Has public contact Constant
3. Extended hours, evenings or weekends (due to agency demand) Occasionally
4. May be exposed to unfavorable conditions including: communicable
diseases, second-hand smoke, odors, dust, pets, etc. Varies